Don’t get a chemical straightening…
Get a BodipHier Instead!

Fresh Look’s



are the first truly new scientific breakthrough for safely relaxing hair in over 55 years!

Contains No Harsh Chemicals
Safely and Permanently Relaxes Hair
Alkaline Water Formula
Will Not Burn Scalp
Will Not Over-Process Hair
Can Be Used Over Permanent And Semi-Permanent Colour
Can Be Used Over And In Place of Traditional Relaxers
Enriched With Vitamins, Minerals and Amino Acids
Leaves Hair With Texture And Elasticity
Adds Body And Sheen To Hair
Makes Hair Silky And Manageable, Reducing Styling Time and Effort
Hairstyles will last. Say “good-bye” to using a flat iron everyday!
Balances The pH Of Hair
Timely re-growth touch ups maintains uniformly relaxed hair
Won‘t Harm our precious Environment

The 100% natural, active ingredients in the BodipHier hair relaxer are alkaline water and minerals, which penetrate into the hair shaft without destroying the protective outer layer (the cuticle), raises the pH level, and permanently softens the bonds inside the hair without breaking them. Softening the internal bonds of the hair causes the natural “S” curl pattern to elongate or loosen, making the hair straighter.


It’s like a getting a Spa Therapy Treatment for your hair!
spa treatement for hair

Relaxed hair that has more body, texture, and elasticity; that has been fortified with vitamins, minerals and amino acids; that is deep conditioned and restored to its natural pH balance; is in a much healthier state and is more capable of withstanding the stress of heat appliances.

Healthier hair is allowed to grow at your natural rate, without breakage or loss from the damage seen with using chemicals. The BodipHier maintains healthier hair, so that your healthier relaxed hair will always be more beautiful!

Don’t get a chemical straightening…Get a BodipHier Instead!
“The Safe Way to Relax Hair!”